About Us

Voyager Study Abroad is the expert in multi-country and multi-city study abroad.

We craft a unique learning experiences customized to meet our participant’s academic and career needs. Our professors are experts in their field and many live in the cities that we visit. We integrate seminars and workshops, visiting leading businesses and international organizations. We visit nine of the world’s greatest art museums and too many iconic and historical sites to count. Our programs provide a cultural immersion experience unlike any other exposing students to the art, ,history and culture of the countries and cities we visit.

In Voyager Study Abroad programs, students can take up to two 3-credit classes. Our programs are sponsored by Endicott International - College of International Studies (CIS) in Madrid. Transcripts are issued by Endicott College, which is accredited by the New England Commission for Higher Education (NECHE). Our classes meet accreditation standards in the USA and around the world.

We employ a unique home-away-from-home design. For our programs, we use Madrid as our hub city and our participants have their own room with private bath and kitchenette throughout the entire 30-day program. All rooms have free Wi-Fi and students have unlimited access to the fitness center and rooftop pool. The home-away-from-home design allows students to safely leave their belongings while we travel to other destinations. The residence is near the Endicott International – College of International Studies (CIS) campus, making for a pleasant walk to class. When traveling, we use the best possible means of transportation between cities including high-speed trains and planes, so our participants have more time to experience the cities we visit.

Voyager Study Abroad

Incredible Destinations. Endless Possibilities.